MAHABHARATA Told by Sriram Raghavan

Chapter 001 - Introduction

This is a story telling series of the Mahabharata Epic. This particular video is an introduction to the rest of the series.

Mahabharata Chapter 001 - Introduction - Told by Sriram Raghavan

The Mahabharata is by far the most engaging and informative epic known to mankind. The story is set about 1400 years BC and is told in the Frame-Tales style. i.e. a story within a story.

The end of Mahabharata story is a significant landmark as it marks the beginning of Kali Yuga – i.e. the beginning of the time in which great values and noble ideas have crumbled, and man is heading toward the complete dissolution of right action, morality and virtue.

Therefore, it is of particular significance to me for 3 reasons.

1. First. This story is an encyclopedia of Dharma. In other words, students of this story can fully understand the rules of conduct to live a high and lofty life rich in values. In this age, no amount of remembrance to these values is too much.

2. Second. While the original Mahabharata is an elaborate read, there are many modern versions that are much easier to comprehend. Even so, most people have either forgotten this great epic or the next generation simply doesn't have the time to read it. “Is it on Facebook?” a kid asked me when I mentioned the Mahabharata to him. It is for this reason that I am making this audio series which is nothing but a super condenced version of this great epic. For the record, I will be following Rajaji's Mahabharata as a basis for my narration.

3. The third reason telling this story is important to me is the surpreme understanding of the Law of Karma that this epic demonstrates consistently. In simple words, everything happens for a reason regardless of whether or not we are aware of the reason when the event happens. The reason could be an event, a chain of events, or a set of events spread across even centuries. Understanding this concept gives one a surpreme sense of peace and acceptance. This allows for us to face a problem with greater strength.

Mahatria, a great philosopher from South India eloquently says this.

“A problem that is treated with non-acceptance creates a negative emotion.

“A problem that is treated with acceptance creates a positive emotion.

This is the emotional equation of life. And Acceptance of any situation is the key to dealing with one's emotion. And understanding the law of Karma is the key to Acceptance.

As a final word. Mahabharata is a great elaborate epic. The telling of this story is intended for educational purposes. If there are any flaws in the narration, I respectfully request the listenner to bring it to my notice so that I may make adequate amends.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy telling it to you.

I dedicate this reading to my mother – without whose love, I cannot exist even a single day in this world.

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